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Grip Wrap Isolater
Grip Wrap Isolater
The Comfort-Tech grip wrap allows for optimal control, hand stress prevention, and maximum comfort when using hand, garden, and power tools. This wrap comes in both 24-inch and 16-inch sizes and boasts an innovative tentacle design that can easily fit a wide range of tools, from shovels and hammers to chain saws, and weed trimmers or better known as weed wackers.

Constructed with Comfort-Tech's proprietary NAVCOM material, this non-slip wrap ensures a consistent grip, even in wet or dusty conditions. It also serves to isolate vibration and shock, making it an ideal addition for hand tools such as picks, rakes, brooms, and garden tools. Furthermore, the wrap insulates against both hot and cold temperatures, making it perfect for use in any environment.

This (16-inch and 24-inch) non-slip hand grip provides a comfortable grip that is consistent, even in damp or dusty conditions. The wrap is available in several colors for matching major brands, making this innovative tentacle design is a must-have for any tool kit.