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Venture Dog Leash w/ Positionable Locking Grip

Venture Dog Leash w/ Positionable Locking Grip

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The Venture leash was designed and tested to bridge the gap between adaptability and ergonomically-friendly movement that was able to withstand the demands of varying outdoor activities.


The Venture leash was designed to adhere to all of the needs of your four-legged friend, and whatever environment you two find yourselves in. It’s for the city dwellers who rise with the sun for a brisk excursion before the city awakes and the noisy bustle begins. For the roaming duo who find themselves perched atop a faraway peak or enjoying a brew at a local dive. A tool for a child and puppy to work with and master during their first obedience class.From a puppy leash, traffic lead, retractable leash, to your average adult leash; each leash becomes a rite of passage throughout the stages of your dog’s life and training. With Venture, you only need one.

  • 6ft long nylon leash
  • Positionable, locking hand grip allows you to move the grip to any location on the leash - from a relaxed grip position to traffic lead position.
  • Industrial strength 360 degree swivel snap hook ensures you and your pet never part
  • Dual wrist and hand loop for added peace of mind
  • Ergonomic all-weather grip
  • Includes O-ring for attaching accessories
  • Bonus LED light included for safety
  • Made proudly in the USA